Protect your SSD in Ubuntu


sudo apt-get install leafpad

  • Change BIOS and UEFI: set it to AHCI instead of IDE (BIOS -> Advanced -> Integrated Peripherals)
  • Updated firmware.
  • Reserve 10 percent for overprovisioning (unused space)
  • Use EXT4
  • Automatic TRIM: by rc.local
    •  – In terminal, run sudo gedit /etc/rc.local
    •  – Above the line exit 0 in that file, add the TRIM command “fstrim -v” for every automatically mounted EXT4 partition.
    •  – for example: for trim root, add “fstrim -v /”. For trim seperate home partition, add “fstrim -v /home” and “fstrim -v /”
    •  – note: not for partitions that aren’t mounted by default. And also not for the swap partition.
    •  – save and reboot.
  • Limit Oracle Java the write actions of the Java plugin:
    • – launch the Java Control Panel – Tab General:
    • – Temporary Internet Files – Settings…
    • – Remove the tick for: Keep temporary files on my computer.
  • Do NOT enable hibernation

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