Nook Simple Touch Recovery


Since there was a bit of bad information out there about recovering Barnes and Nobles Simple Touch eReader I thought I’d share.

I rooted mine and wanted to recover it back to stock.  You can wipe the \data partition by doing 8 interupted starts.  To do that you power it off and then on (hold power and home buttons if it’s truly borked up) until it tries to start up.  As soon as you see the starting message, press the home and power buttons simultaneously and hold them down until it restarts again.  Lather, rinse, repeat 7 more times at which point it’ll wipe the data partition and your user data.  NOTE:  This does NOT restore to factory.

To do a full recovery, power it down and then power it up right after it starts coming up, press both the left and right lower buttons on the face of the nook touch, hold them down for several seconds during the start up and it’ll prompt you for a system wipe.  Press Home twice to confirm you truly want to do that.

Takes a minute or two and then you’ll have a clean nook.




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