convert .vhd (VirtualPc) files into .vdi (VirtualBox) files


[UPDATE]: now virtualbox natively support .vhd files => you might be interested in reading this post: convert .vhd (virtualpc) file to .vdi (virtualbox) format

.vhd files works with VirtualPc (Windows) whereas .vdi files works with VirtualBox (Linux, GPL in “ose” version) => we need to convert them in order to use .vhd files.

I wanted to load VirtualPc (.vhd) files to load windows XP vhd files made available on

  1. I downloaded requested .vhd files
  2. Problem is .vhd format is for VirtualPc, whereas VirtualBox has its own format (.vdi) therefore we need to transform them. Doing this is a 4-step process:
    1. download qemu-img from or directly download .rpm file (
    2. transform .rpm into .deb and install it: fakeroot alien -d –scripts qemu-img*.rpm; sudo dpkg -i qemu-img*.deb
    3. transform .vhd file into raw file: qemu-img convert -O raw XP_SP2_with_IE6.vhd XP_SP2_with_IE6.bin
    4. then transform .bin file into .vid format using vboxmanage (included into virtualbox-ose package): vboxmanage convertdd XP_SP2_with_IE6.bin XP_SP2_with_IE6.vdi
  3. you can run virtualbox-ose and mount your newly created .vdi file (it worked for me at least!). Very great solution (except it takes 16Gb per .dvi file), thanks microsoft, I hope it will go beyond Sept, 9th, 2008 (.vhd expiration date)



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