Subversion – migrate from VSS to Subversion

Prepare the VSS database for migration

Assume your vss2svn file is in c:\vss2svn

Ensure that no one will be accessing the VSS repository during the migration.

Run the VSS ANALYZE tool like this:
cd VSSrepository
mkdir analyze-results
win32\ANALYZE.EXE  -banalyze-results -v4 -i- data

Disable TortoiseSVN

If you have TortoiseSVN installed, go to the Settings page and choose “Icon Overlays”, then set “Status Cache” to “None”. Remember to set it back to “Default” after you are finished. 

Run the migration

vss2svn.exe –vssdir VSSrepository
Typical run times for the migration are from a few minutes for very small repositories (< 100 revisions) to several hours for very large repositories.

Load the dumpfile into the SVN repository

svnadmin load repos < c:\vss2svn\vss2svn-dumpfile.txt

Compare the repositories

Use TortoiseSVN to checkout the files from migrated repository. And then, run WinMerge to recursive directory comparisons. 

Post-processing / Cleanup

You may want to perform some additional post-processing on your converted repository. For example, there may be many SourceSafe-specific *.scc files in your repository, and any Visual Studio files may have additional SourceSafe data.

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