iRiver H10 5/6GB firmware

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H10 MTP (PFD) firmware

An H10 player with Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) firmware is recognized as a portable device (e.g., “Windows Portable devices”) by default. MTP is a key technology for PlaysForSure-compatible devices (PFD). Therefore, MTP mode has more compatibility with online music services than UMS. Although you can still access the content of the player working on MTP mode, the access is so limited that no application can access directly media database files. However, you can change the player mode from MTP to UMS temporarily by the UMS Trick. If you have MTP 2.51 firmware installed in your player, “PFD INITIALIZE” are displayed at the right bottom in a boot screen.

H10 UMS firmware

An H10 player with a Universal serial bus Mass Storage class (UMS) firmware is always recognized as an external HDD (e.g., “RIVER Mass Storage Device”) by an operating system. Windows 98SE/2000/ME/2000 automatically assigns a drive letter (e.g., “D:”) to the player. You can copy your music files or whatever freely as if you were handling a storage media. UMS mode has less compatibility with online music services, but we can transfer DRM-protected WMA files via iriver plus or Windows Media Player 10. Players working on UMS mode are compatible with a number of operating systems that support USB storage devices.

H10 5/6GB MTP 2.51 firmware to UMS 2.51

Before start:

  • This guide is only for H10 5GB and 6GB models. There’s no UMS firmware released for H10 20GB models.
  • Installing UMS firmware into MTP player and vice versa are not guaranteed by the manufacturer (iRiver). Do it at your own risk.
  • Be sure to charge the battery fully in advance so that the player will not lose the power during the procedure.
  • Do not omit a process. Above all, do not copy a boot loader (BL_H10.rom) and firmware (H10.mi4) file at the same time.
  • This tutorial assumes H10 player to be recognized as “G:” drive by a PC. Replace “G:” in this tutorial to the drive letter with which your player is recognized.
  • Configure the folder option in advance to see hidden folders with Explorer.
  • Procedure

    1. Use the UMS trick and connect the player to a PC with “Emergency Connect” mode. To enter UMS mode with the player off connect player to computer via usb. Disconnect battery for a second or so. Re-connect the battery and press and hold the “o” button and at the same time press the power button. You’re now in UMS mode.

    2. Copy the boot loader (BL_H10.rom) into the root folder (G:\) of the player.

    3. Disconnect the player. The player will still boot in MTP mode at this moment.

    4. Do nothing but connect the player without the UMS trick.

    5. After the player is recognized as a MTP device, just disconnect the player. The player will show a message “Firmware Upgrade” and the boot loader will be updated.

    6. Connect the player without the UMS trick because it now works on UMS mode by default.

    7. Enter “G:\System” into the address bar of Explorer to open the hidden folder.

    8. Copy the firmware (H10.mi4) into the folder (“G:\System”).

    9. Disconnect the player. The player will be woking with the UMS firmware. However, you may get an error: “DB Open Error. Connect iriver plus And DB Update”. Don’t worry about this error because a media database generated in MTP mode is not compatible with UMS mode. Use iriver plus or EasyH10 to recover this error.

    Database reconstruction with EasyH10

    1. Connect the player to the PC.

    2. Transfer music files into “G:\Media\Music” folder. If you have already transferred music files when the player was working on MTP mode, you may just move all music files from “G:\Music” folder to “G:\Media\Music” folder.

    3. Run EasyH10. Make sure to use an appropriate UMS model template.

    4. After EasyH10 completes the processing, disconnect and enjoy the H10 2.51 UMS player.

    Windows Media Play synchronize music files to the player:
    1. Connect the player to your computer via USB cable
    2. The computer will find the new hardware and jump a window for choose sync with Windows Media Player, RealPlayer or no action. Double click Windows Media Player.
    3. Choose the music you want to copy the player and add them to the sync list.
    4. start sync. If Windows Media Player ask “Your device’s clock must be updated before the device can play protected files that have an expiration date. Do you want Windows Media Player to update the clock? ” select cancel.
    5. Wait until all of the sync music to the player.
    6. This is the most important step: enjoy your music:-)

    1 thought on “iRiver H10 5/6GB firmware

    1. HI. This both interesting and useful if it would work. I\’ve got one question. Where do I find BL_H10.rom . There\’s no sign of it on the Iriver. I can already see the hidden files and I\’ve searched the Iriver for the file but can\’t find it. Can you help ?

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